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Committed to excellent care
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About Us

Where Care and Compassion are Provided in Bulk

Built on a foundation of integrity, our philosophy of care, quality and service contains strong moral ethics and an uncompromised commitment to providing a high level of professionally competent services with a humble and compassionate attitude.

Our Mission

At Artemis Adult Family Home, our mission is to provide a haven of love and compassion, where residents find solace and support. We embrace their unique stories, celebrate their lives, and nurture their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. With personalized care and a warm community, we empower residents to flourish and thrive.

Our Vision

Artemis Adult Family Home is a beacon of light, illuminating the journey of aging with warmth and tenderness. We redefine graceful aging through love, respect, and unwavering support. With innovation and collaboration, we leave an indelible mark of joy and fulfillment on the lives of our cherished residents. Together, we create a future where every resident feels valued, empowered, and part of our compassionate family.

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Senior Care is Not Our Job It’s Pride


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